SUMMER Menu 2024

Summer Menu 2024

Navigator Margherita

Casalinga tomato sauce, Fior de latte Mozzarella, oregano,

fresh basil and basil oil.


Starboard Sausage

Pumpkin puree base, Italian sausage, rosemary roasted potatoes, crispy sage,

grated mozzarella and garlic oil


Mushroom Bargee

Garlic Mascarpone sauce, caramelised onions, chestnut mushrooms,

 mozzarella, truffle oil


Lockkeeper Pepperoni

Casalinga tomato sauce, salami Napoli, diced chorizo,

mozzarella and garlic oil


Fiery Lockkeeper

Casalinga tomato sauce, salami Napoli, fresh chillies, diced chorizo,

Nduja, chilli flakes, hot honey and chilli oil


Chimney stack Chicken

Pesto Base, roasted chicken, sun blushed tomato, roasted peppers, pine nuts

mozzarella and basil oil


Beetroot Boatman

Beetroot puree base, goats’ cheese, roasted onions, toasted walnuts,

mozzarella and walnut oil


Vegan Cheese additional £1

Gluten Free dough additional £2

Additional toppings: chillies, anchovies, olives, jalapenos £1


For the younger pizza lovers…..

Full size 10in pizzas with simpler flavours.

Captain Bob. Tomato sauce and grated Mozzarella £6

Captain Ham. Tomato sauce, ham and mozzarella £7










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